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Bartender with Beer

The beer and wine industries are a dynamic part of Idaho’s economy, contributing millions of dollars in wages and taxes.

In 2008, Idaho’s wine and grape products and related industries contributed nearly $73 million of total economic value to the State of Idaho.  Idaho is considered to be the new frontier of wine-growing areas and has more than doubled in size over the last ten years. The industry is expected to double again in the next five years. Idaho’s wine and grape products and related industries account for more then 625 full time equivalent jobs across the state and for more then $19 million in employee wages.

In 2006, Idaho’s brewing industry supported 393 local jobs and nearly $12.6 Million in wages while Idaho beer wholesalers and retailers produced 4,439 local jobs and $83 Million in wages.

The Idaho beer and wine industries’ economic ripple effect benefits Idaho’s agriculture, manufacturing, construction, transportation and many other businesses whose livelihood depends on the beer and wine industry.

Pouring Red Wine in Glass
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