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Idaho's responsible beer and wine drinkers pay $66 Million more in taxes

Higher beer and wine costs and lost sales associated with a large tax increase could force more small brewers and restaurants out of business.

Taxes are the most expensive ingredient in your beer and wine.

Roughly 44% of Idaho’s beer and wine cost is hidden taxes.

Two Wine Cups
Tasting Beer
Tasting Beer

Under the House Bill 140, Idaho would have ranked 6th in the nation for the highest beer tax.

An increase in Idaho’s beer and wine tax would hurt Idaho farmers from Northern Idaho to South Eastern Idaho.

Wine Barrels

 Idaho’s beer industry creates 4,832 local jobs and $96 Million in wages.

Idaho’s grape and wine industry contributes to more then 625 full time jobs and more then $19 Million in wages.

The economic impact of Idaho’s grape and wine industry is $73 Million.

The economic output of Idaho’s beer industry is $714 Million.

Pouring a Pint
Pouring a Pint

If all the taxes levied on the production, distribution and retailing of beer and wine are added up, they amount to more than 40% of the retail price.

The effect of beer and wine taxes on overall tax fairness is simple: increasing beer taxes makes the tax system more regressive.

9,022 Idaho jobs are created through the beer and wine industries.

At 45¢ per gallon of beer and over 4% per volume, Idaho’s beer tax is the 9th highest in the United States.

Wine Barrels

The “social cost” argument as a basis for higher beer taxes is logically equivalent to mailing out speeding tickets to all drivers because some people exceed the speed limit.

Beer contributes to $136 Million in Idaho wholesale, retail, and brewing wages and $387 Million in economic output.

Beer contributes to $158 Million in Idaho agriculture, business, travel, and other wages and $557 Million in economic output.

9,481 Idaho jobs are created through beer distribution with an additional 300 in Idaho agricultural jobs.

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